A Double-Dose of UK's Second City

Two Birmingham events back to back is a great way to start November

I started off my double-dose of the UK’s Second City with support and recording of the UK-EGG (UK Eye Genetics Group) Annual Meeting, Birmingham Children’s Hospital was the venue. Following last year’s joint international meeting with ISGEDR it was a pleasure to be commissioned to record the UK-EGG Annual Meeting (screencasts sponsored by ISGEDR).

Professor Robert MacLaran was the keynote speaker, he gave an excellent talk on ‘Gene Therapy for Retinal Diseases’. Below is the Highlights Video and if you head over to the UK-EGG site to check on all the latest news, plus if you are a member, view the HD Screencasts.

UK-EGG are heading north of the border to Glasgow for the 2019 Annual Meeting, already booked and looking forward to working with this great organisation.

Day 2 - 11th Birmingham Breast Pathology Update Course

Moving on from Eye Genetics to Breast Pathology meant heading over to the magnificent Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham.

QEH Birmingham and its Education Centre was this year’s venue for the 11th Birmingham Breast Pathology Update Course

QEH Birmingham and its Education Centre was this year’s venue for the 11th Birmingham Breast Pathology Update Course

I have supported and recorded Dr Abeer Shaaban's course for three years now and it just gets better and better. To keep up with the greater number of delegates this year the course moved from the ‘soon to be retired’ Postgraduate Centre over the road and round the bend to QEHB’s ‘spanking new’ Education Centre.

Great venue with very supportive staff, only issue being the audio which was set to keep the whole of Birmingham informed as to what was going on :-)

Check out the Highlights Video before heading over to their website so that you can book for next year.

It all began on the night of Saturday September the 30th 1944...

Seventy-three years ago tonight my late father, George Cross, then a Flight Sergeant in the Royal Air Force, was a navigator with his pilot Jock in a de Havilland Mosquito on a night intruder mission over northern Germany.

I would like to invite you to discover what happened to the then 21 year-old airman and his friend Jock on that cold dark night over enemy territory.

If you prefer simply to listen then here is audio version (lovely Lancashire accent plus the occasional budgie in the background)

Feel free to share any of these files.

My dad's Prisoner of War ID photo

My dad's Prisoner of War ID photo

An Eye On The Future...

Thursday, September 14th 2017 to Saturday, September 16th, 2017 saw Leeds host a joint UK EGG and ISGEDR Meeting with almost 200 international Ophthalmology Clinicians and Researchers absorbing over 30 presentations from worldwide colleagues.

I had the pleasure of recording many of the presentations in the comfortable and well appointed venue, Leeds Beckett University's Rose Bowl, smack in the heart of this wonderful Yorkshire City.

The Keynote Lecture was giving by the legendary Professor Andrew Reed from the University of Manchester who gave a wonderful presentation "Overview of the Human Genome".

Highlights included the 2017 Franceschetti Lecture "Eye Genetics at the Fork in the Road" by Professor David Mackey from Perth in Australia. The 2017 François Lecture had the longest title of all the presentations "From Congenital Stationary Night Blindness to Inherited Retinal Dystrophy: A Journey of 30 Years Discovering the Secrets of the Emerging Human Genome" by the world-famous Professor of Human Genetics at Hamburg University, Andreas Gal who had us rolling in the aisles. The final keynote lecture was from Leiden, the Netherlands Professor of Ophthalmology Dr Annette C Moll "All for one: Retinoblastoma, Pineoblastoma and Second Primary Malignancies"

Personally, of special note, was Avril Daly's presentation from a patient's perspective. A really Red Letter Day of a presentation, not to be missed when it goes online. All these recordings will be available on the UK EGG and ISGEDR websites in the coming weeks.

Happy Birthday - Frank Lloyd Wright

June 8, 2017 - As I am sure you all know, the Architect Frank Lloyd Wright was born a hundred and fifty years prior to our visit to the wonderful Guggenheim Museum on 5th Avenue.

To be honest Jane and I had no idea that it was his 150th birthday. But hey ho we certainly do now. Not only did they have a guy dressed up as this great character but to celebrate they opened the museum especially for the celebrations (it not normally being open on Thursdays) and charged visitors a mere $1.50 entry fee. The exhibits are amazing and the architecture really does work wonderfully with its gentle slope allowing a comfortable amble through the exhibits (so gentle in fact that the Apple Watch didn't know that we had ascended so many 'steps').

A definite 'must see' for anyone heading to New York New York, you will NOT be disappointed.

Never mind 'Where's Wally' can you see Frank Lloyd Wright

Never mind 'Where's Wally' can you see Frank Lloyd Wright

Get a feeling of BNOS

BNOS 2017 - Edinburgh - June 21-23

When you commission AV and Data to record your event beyond all the great HD screencasts we always provide a mass of DSLR photos for you to use within your organisation. If you want to go that extra mile you have the option to have us record then compose a short voxpop/promo video.

Above is an example of one such video we have created for our friends at BNOS.

Someone has nicked the Glass Cube

June 6, 2017 - On our first day in New York we start with breakfast in a local deli then took a walk to the Central Park 5th Avenue Apple Store, you know the one whose entrance is a massive glass cube.

Well, someone has nicked it... The store is being refurbished and so once again I have missed seeing this iconic store (last year, I walked down the wrong side of Central Park). Anyway, in we pop to the temporary location adjacent to the site to see if by chance they had some Air Pods in stock. Surprise, surprise, no they don't have any in stock so chose to buy my lovely wife, Jane, an Apple Watch. Whilst Jane was having her new toy fitted I had a look around the store, hoping to see the new Macs announced the day before, no luck there either... Was sorely tempted to buy a drone but once again chickened out.

After that bit of retail therapy off we trot down 5th Avenue to say hello to Donald at Trump Tower, he wasn't in he tweeted, so on to more interesting vistas including Rockefeller Plaza before cutting across to Time Square, more about that and our first adventure on the Subway in my next post.

Top of the Rock

June 7, 2017 - Prior to the business of recording and streaming the amazing New York Dermatopathology Review course for DermpathPro and PathPresenter I am able to have three days discovering the delights of New York.

One of these is the 'Top of the Rock' basically a scary super-fast trip in an elevator to the top of the Rockefeller Building off Fifth Avenue to the amazing viewing platform. Lots of queuing, whoever said that the Brits were the master queuers hasn't been to a tourist hot spot in New York.

Amazing views and a great atmosphere, well worth the effort.

Rockefeller Building - the view before the queue