Rubbish in Rubbish out

The cornerstone of our inventory of AV equipment has to be our Canon XF100 and XF105 1080p Professional Digital Video Cameras.

The unique XF105 is Canon’s smallest camcorder to include an MPEG-2, 50Mbps, 4:2:2 Full HD codec. Studio connectivity, professional audio and extensive customisation provides exceptional versatility. What this means is that we can capture full HD video footage all day long with high fidelity audio from our CatchBox, lavalier and shotgun microphones being overlaid via its two XLR inputs. The resulting video can then be streamed via its SDI and HDMI ports back to one of our Macs for live stream casting to a worldwide audience using a range of services from YouTube and Facebook Live to GoToMeeting. 

The cameras can be powered by batteries or mains power making day-long operation a breeze. Its industry standard fittings allow attachment of the camera to any of our range of tripods from ultra-lightweight flight ready models through 2.5m tall Manfrottos with fluid heads for smooth pan and tilt operation onto our top of the range Jib Rigs for use in difficult and exciting settings such as operating theatres and confined spaces.


I have four of these beauties, one CatchBox Pro and three CatchBox Lite.

I first saw a piece about up and coming tech in the AV sector on the BBC website and just knew I had to get one. So PayPal account in virtual hand I managed to get a one on eBay as they weren't shipping to UK at that time. Once it arrived then fun began.

Clients, first of all, say "gimmick" but within 5 minutes they all LOVE it and so it is now a permanent feature of my Go Bag.